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I was looking for style, for dresses, outfits, but what I could find in my country, wasn’t satisfying my demands. That fact inspired me to find and raise a designer who would satisfy me with its works to use them in my photos. After our first works (Virgin suicide, Les Fleurs Du Mal, Butoh Garden), not only photos were likable by people, on the Internet and forums but the clothes also. Then I came to conclusion, to make one more step close not to only fashion photography but in fashion industry, and I founded fashion house, “Atelier Kikala”. Today, Mamuka Kikalishvili, is a photographer, with his own studio, studio with great opportunities, with all photography equipment and great working area, also includes guest room for visitors. Studio has own stuff from lightning assistants to retouches and designers. Also owns designers and sewing house, “Atelier Kikala” well known in Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, etc. He Has an invitations from a variety of well-known magazines (Photo Vogue Italy, L’officiel , GQ, and etc.). His works has already been printed in L’officiel, Harpers Bazar, and Boutique etc. Since August 2013 he became head photographer of L’Officiel.

Mamuka Kikalishvili, Born on 15th of November 1971 from Tbilisi, Georgia. Since his childhood, while he was having fun in his basement lab, developing and printing photos from his first film camera, photography became his favorite hobby. “As time passed by, I was working in many fields, industrial and non industrial, show business and social projects, became PhD in energy field, had job with perfect salary, had family, but there was something missing. This feeling was about my hobby, Photography. Many things had changed since my childhood, so I had to overcome those innovations. I bought digital camera, then I realized that camera for a photographer is like a brush for painter. So I needed space, I needed studio. So I readjusted my basement as a studio. Then I realized that studio needed strobe lights that were impossible to find in my country. So I went to Germany and purchased my first studio equipment and that was the beginning of my long way to success. Shortly after Germany, I opened studio and named it under my nickname, “Kikala Studio”. One year latter it became the most successful studio in Caucasus region. Everyone liked photos, but still wasn’t enough for me.  I had lack for fashion and glamour in my photos.

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