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refinement and beauty. The research of Trends and the sublimation of the hunting of unknown pieces outlines the leitmotif of her styling, meant as culture. The Fashion Industry, with style and uniqueness, never exceed the boundary of the old-fashioned, what is old is always an innovation. Silvia’s publications turns around the world in many international magazines. Today is charged as Styling Coordinator of VR - STEERING MEDIA Production.

Silvia graduated in Museology and Art Critics Master to the European Institute of Design. The Styling was always a vocation for her, driven by the abnegation to combine his passions: fashion and art.Silvia pays attention to the trends of the season, anticipating in many editorials, through the creations of major Maisons, but constantly focused on emerging designers. Fashion and art, together mixed by the elegance and the sense of taste, this is the result of the style of Silvia, sign of

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