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VR MANAGEMENT, founded in 2011 by Giovambattista Scuticchio Foderaro, is an international Mother Agency skilled in Model Management & Placement working all over the world. Over modeling since the 2013 VR represents Fashion Industry Artists, taking care of profiles such as photographer, stylists and many other professionals. VR, in few years since the beginning, as Mother Agency in modeling and Fashion Industry Artists representation, with the imposing and steady growth turned out around the major network of the Fashion Industry, working with the most important brands of the globe. Expanding its range in international model scouting centers in three continents, VR over the years set up and established a company profile stronger than the expectations. The brand skills and the main policy of VR are defined by the special care of represented profiles, an old concept based on relationships and common rising interest. Sister to VR PRODUCTION, primarily skilled in Runway and Casting Production, expanding its services in Editing and Visual Effects, Mastering and Broadcasting is working intricately in Advertising, Communication and Fashion Show/Runway Production. The uniqueness of these structures gave birth to VR GROUP, a Media - Management - Trade companies league, pillar for many experts and pro, identified between hundreds of individuals for a brand new business based in all industries needing Image and Shine development worldwide.

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